Almaden swimming pools

Are you checking out Almaden Valley and wanting to learn more about the Almaden pools and private membership cabana clubs? Where are they? How do they work? What are your options?

As a realtor in Almaden Valley, I am often asked about houses with pools or houses that belong to a cabana club.

Listen to the video above to hear more about how you can get access to an Almaden swimming pool including Almaden cabana clubs, communities with a pool and more. Search for homes available in Almaden Valley and see some options of homes with pools! 

Almaden cabana clubs

In Almaden Valley there are 6 cabana clubs.  Each private membership Almaden swimming pool has a swim team and some have associate memberships. Read more about each of theseListen to this video on the six different cabana clubs.

Almaden Swim and Racquet Club 

6604 Northridge Dr, San Jose, CA  95120

This club is located across the street from the Almaden Country Club. This private cabana club is shared by 300 members. The Gators team swims at this pool.  The Almaden Swim and racquet club also has six USTA championship tennis courts with lights for nighttime play. This location is a great option for those who play tennis and love to swim. Also very serious swimmers can join the competitive year-round team called Quicksilver which also swims at this pool.

Almaden Cabana Club

6975 Bret Harte Drive, San Jose, 95120

     The Almaden Cabana club is located on Bret Harte Drive south of Leland High School. This cabana is home to the Almaden Dolphins. This community also has summertime Wednesday night social dinners for its members which helps to build a strong community in this neighborhood.

Shadowbrook Swim Club

1079 Shadowbrook Drive, San Jose, 95120

   Shadowbrook is a private member pool located near Bret Harte Middle school at the corner of Almaden Expressway and Shadowbrook Drive. Shadowbrook membership is  mandatory for 318 homes next to the pool as well as open for associate memberships. The Shadowbrook Sharks swim here. This cabana offers Aquatic fitness classes in the winter in a heated pool, dinner socials in the summer and a holiday light contest in December.

Crossgates Swim Club

1297 Peralta Dr, San Jose, CA  95120

     Crossgates swim club is located off McAbee between Camden and Redmond. This homeowner association is mandatory for 157 homes and also has spots for associate memberships with applications starting in the fall for the next summer season. The pool is the home of the Crossgates Gators. Crossgates cabana is unique since their pool property also has a basketball court and plenty of grassy area to play. They also have adult swim times starting most years in April.

Oaktree Park Cabana

6101 Castello Dr, San Jose, CA  95120

     The Oaktree Park Cabana is located between Redmond Ave and Jeffrey Fontana park and is an exclusive resident only community pool. Oaktree park is home to the Oaktree Sharks and though this cabana club does not currently offer associate memberships, the swim team does welcome swim team guests memberships. Swim team guest memberships allow access only for swim team practice and swim team events. On this community pool property, members also enjoy a large grassy area and bocce ball court.  

Montevideo Improvement Association Cabana

1585 Monteval Ln, San Jose, CA  95120

      The Montevideo cabana is located at the corner of Coleman Rd and Camden Ave. The Piranhas swim team calls this pool home. Montevideo operates with a member-based system requiring 400 homes in the development to be members to the community pool. At this time, Montevideo does not offer associate memberships. This cabana offers many fun community events including a July 4 independence parade and pool party plus other fun social events throughout the year. There is a large hall that can be rented by members for events or parties as well as sport courts and grassy areas. Non-residents can join the swim team.

To learn more about the communites that are part of a cabana club, schedule time to connect with us or search Almaden Valley Homes for sale and look for HOAs that include a pool.