10 Signs You've Found the House For You

Have you entered the phase of life where you are ready to buy your first house? Looking at different houses every day? Everyone has a different idea about what makes a house the perfect house. The perfect house is the right one for you, the one that caters to your needs and makes you and your family happy to call it home. Assuming you have checked all the important practical points of buying a home, how do you tell that you found the one for you?

Continue to read to find out the signs that will tell you this might be your perfect future home.

10 Signs You've Found the House For You

1. There is an Instant Attraction 

Your new home should feel like your safe haven. Does it embrace you? Do you feel content? Is it comfortable and cozy? If the answer is yes to the questions above, the answer is that the home is probably a perfect fit for you. You will more than likely feel the vibe the home is giving out within the first ten seconds of walking in. Ensure you approach every home with an open mind and an open heart. The house is the physical structure, but a home is the emotions and memories you create that will follow you for a lifetime.

2. It Complements Your Budget 

One of the most important things to remember when buying a home is to buy what your bank statement can afford. Nothing is more heartbreaking than not being able to make your monthly payments. You will know you have found the right house when it fits easily within your personal budget.

3. The House is in a Good Location 

Once you have found the house of your dreams, consider its location. Remember, you aren't just buying the house, but you are buying the neighborhood. If you visit the home and find a lot to love about the location, then that is a great sign.

4. It is Similar to Previous Favorites 

The things that make you love a house might be relatively small, things like whether the kitchen sink is beneath a window or the way the maple tree out front makes the bedroom feel like it is in a tree house. You might not have considered including these types of things in your must-haves list, but when you find a house that reminds you of a beloved previous place, it can aid in full-on infatuation.

Jake McClure, Burling Square Group offers this information. 

"I see buyers pick the same type of home over and over and while we may know what kind of home they like, when a house checks almost all if not all the boxes, we know we've hit a winner. However, I will often suggest looking at a few more just to be sure. Once a buyer has found the right home, nothing else after it compares." 

5. Imagine Yourself Living There 

Arranging your furniture and other prized possessions is an indication you are already feeling at home. If you can't picture laying out important rooms like the living room or the master bedroom, it may be a sign to move on.

10 Signs You've Found the House For You

6. You Have Found Everything You Need 

It is oftentimes common for buyers to create a list of needs versus wants. If your dream home meets all of your needs, it might be the right one for you, versus the other dream house that fits only your wants.

Bill Gassett, owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, shared his experiences by observing buyers over the last thirty-eight years.

"Almost always it is easy to tell a home is the right fit for a buyer. There is an expression of satisfaction on most buyers faces within the first few minutes walking around a property.

You can almost tell the home is a perfect fit. The buyer will often ask questions that only someone would ask if they were truly interested in purchasing. For example, if they have children they may ask if the neighbors have kids also.

They are already mentally preparing themselves for living in the home. 

I have often had clients that will start to talk about furniture placement or where they can put their big screen TV. These are sure signs they will be asking to write their offer."

7. You Are Defending its Imperfections 

Just want the world to see a new home the way you do? If you find yourself painting a perfect picture of a home, despite any small maintenance issues or other minor flaws, you may find yourself hooked.

8. You Count Down the Days to Show it Off 

You know the home is perfect for you when you feel excited and can't wait to post hundreds of pictures on social media and invite your friends and family over for the housewarming party. The home-buying process can be an emotional time when you realize that the home you are currently looking at is the perfect one for you.

9. You Can Envision it in Your Favorite Colors 

Perhaps the current color of your dream house is not your favorite color. Perhaps you want beige colors instead of the dark blues that grace the walls of the interior of the home. Maybe you want that future nursery of yours a soft white instead of the lime green it currently is. You might even know the name of the paint color you plan to use because you have been thumbing through Pottery Barn catalogs or scrolling on your Pinterest.

10. You Have No Interest in Other Homes 

All the houses you have seen before lack in comparison to the one you call your "dream home," you won't want to check any other houses. If you feel like this house raised the bar too high and you aren't interested in house hunting anymore because nothing can compare to this house then it might be your home.

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