Selling a Home in San Jose? Here Are 4 Ways to Take Advantage of Fall

4 Ways Sellers Can Take Advantage of Fall

Selling a Home in San Jose? Here Are 4 Ways to Take Advantage of Fall

Four tips to help you prepare your home to sell in the fall.

Is fall a good time to sell a home? School has started, it’s getting colder outside, and the leaves are changing colors—it’s a great time to showcase your house! Home sales during the last quarter account for 25% of all the sales throughout the year, proving that the market doesn’t slow down during the fall, so let's talk about some tips to help your property sell this season:

1. Consider your curb appeal. You want to show off your home’s best features and keep everything nice and tidy. Spiders like to move in around this time, and the leaves are falling, so make sure you care for your home every day.

2. Go easy on the decor. You don’t want to hide your home’s features behind tons of seasonal Halloween decorations. They also run the risk of turning off some buyers, so keep it light and festive! 

"Fall is a beautiful time of year to sell your home." 

3. Let the natural light in. With shorter days and a lower sun, you need to maximize the amount of light in your house. Keep your windows open and take advantage of the warm, beautiful fall light. 

4. Emphasize a cozy atmosphere. Everyone wants to cuddle up with a blanket and watch movies this time of year, so your home should set the scene for that. Set that comfy blanket on the couch, and don’t forget to fill your home with smells like apple and cinnamon. 

If you have any other questions about selling your home or want to hear some more tips, call or email me. I’d love to help! 

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