6 Things to Know Before Moving to Almaden Valley

6 Things to Know Before Moving to Almaden Valley

Are you thinking about moving to Almaden Valley? It’s one of the best neighborhoods in San Jose with great schools, weather and amenities.  As a realtor in Almaden Valley who also lives here in the community, you’re going to want to hear these things to know before moving. Read on or watch here for more information.

6 things to know before moving to Almaden

Demographics of Almaden

Generally the population of Almaden is high income, highly educated, ethnically diverse and less dense population with more families than average in San Jose -

  • Population 41,000 (out of San Jose 1M)
  • Median household income is $195,000 with 59% of making $150k or more.
  • Population density is 55% lower than San Jose due mostly to larger lots and more parks and open spaces
  • 51% of population is families with kids under 18 (vs San Jose 48%) Of those families 68% have kids 6-17, the rest have a child younger than 6 or a blend.
  • Median Age 42.7

So it’s an area people come to raise a  family, take advantage of top schools and active lifestyle with more parks and outdoor space. For more information on demographics in our ares: Almaden Valley Demographics and Statistics - from Niche and The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States - Statistical Atlas

Be aware of school registration timelines! 

Some schools are  impacted during mid-year enrollment, so register new incoming students early!  Students may be re-routed to other schools in district until a spot opens, Registration opens early! I recommend you move into the area when your child is 4 or younger so you can register when it opens

  • SJUSD on Dec 1 and info nights are in January
  • in USD on Feb 1 but school tours and meeting in January
  • Guadalupe grades 1, 3, 5 closed before summer! Posted on website

Almaden is a longer commute

Since it is South SJ as opposed to NSJ/Santa Clara/Sunnyvale, there is typically a longer commute to most of the big employers.  Did you know there are corporate buses for commute routes?  Maybe your company offers a bus to allow you to work during the commute rather than drive!

 Check out my video on tech companies in San Jose on the youtube channel.

Swimming is a big deal! 

Many homes have their own pool or belong to cabana club, what do you prefer? For info on Cabana Club’s in our area, check out our blog on this!

Cabana clubs in Almaden Valley are:

  • Almaden Cabana
  • Shadowbrook
  • Almaden Swim and Racquet
  • Prestigious Almaden Country club
  • Crossgates
  • Oaktree Park
  • Montevideo

Country Club Memberships provide golf and fitness amenities

Do you like to golf or belong to a fitness center with clubhouse and activities? Country club membership, different enrollment levels-

1. Proprietary Membership - Includes full use of all Club amenities for the immediate family which includes golf, swimming, tennis, fitness center, junior programs and our full service clubhouse.

2. Executive Membership (Wait List) - For those ages 45 and under, it includes full use of all Club amenities for the immediate family which includes golf, swimming, tennis, fitness center, junior programs and our full service clubhouse.

3. Swim & Racquet Membership - A perfect starting membership for the family to enjoy the following amenities: golf practice area, swimming, tennis, fitness center, junior programs and clubhouse usage. This membership also includes limited golf privileges at the family green fee rate.

Great place to live if you like outdoors! 

Recreational and Competitive youth sports, Baseball league, swim teams: rec and competitive and registrations are early!

  1. Spring Almaden Little League Baseball registration is in December. (one of the best leagues in san jose) 

  2. Registration for soccer is two times a year (May and Jan for Competitive)

  3. Registration for rec soccer is in the summer for fall season of soccer

  4. Deadline to sign up for a cabana club swim team is Jan, there can be a wait list on this.

  5. Biking clubs and lanes and hills!

  6. Hiking: Quicksilver, Calero, Sierra Azul, Guadalupe Oak Grove,
  7. Tennis: open at Castillero, country club and Almaden swim and racquet, plus neighborhoods have private courts too like TH at Sunrise Almaden or the Villas

If this sounds like a place you would want to live, search here for Almaden Valley homes for sale. Setup an account and we would be happy to share thoughts and our expertise on each property you like! 

If you would like to get your questions answered about buying a home in Almaden, schedule a quick call right on our calendar -  and we can help!

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