Living in Almaden Valley: Discover the Almaden Cabana Clubs

Almaden Valley Pools and Cabanas

Are you checking out Almaden Valley and wanting to learn more about the local cabana clubs? Where are they? How do they work? What are your options? As a realtor in Almaden Valley, I am often asked about houses with pools or houses that belong to a cabana club.

Search for homes available in Almaden Valley and see what having pool or living near one is like! Learn more about the 6 Almaden cabana clubs below and their related Almaden neighborhoods so you can decide if you want to live in one of these neighborhoods or apply for an associate membership at the clubs that offer them.

If you want to learn more about pool options in Almaden Valley and see video of each, watch our video on Almaden Valley cabana clubs below.

Living in Almaden Valley: Discover the Almaden Cabana Clubs

So what is this Almaden cabana club community all about?

Have you heard of the swim teams and summer swim meets? Cabana clubs are a fun place to gather to swim but also learn to swim, master different strokes and build friendships. During the months of May through July the cabana clubs are busy almost all day long with different age groups practicing and learning at their scheduled time. 

On Saturdays, competitive meets happen between cabana clubs which is a fun and rewarding experience for swimmers ages 6 to 18 and parents and families. Also, note some cabanas start kids as early as 4! During Saturday Swim meets, parents volunteer and cheer on their children as they work to beat their own time and that of their competitors. 

1.  Almaden Swim and Racquet Club

The Almaden Swim and Racquet Club was opened in 1970 and is a 300-member private club located across the street from the Almaden Country Club. The Gators summer cabana team swims at this pool. This facility is unique in many ways as it is the only cabana club with tennis courts and hosts the Almaden Quicksilver year-round competitive swim team. Swim lessons are open to even non-members and occasionally Red Cross Lifeguard training is offered.

Almaden Swim and Racquet Cabana Club FacilitiesAlmaden Swim and Racquet Club Aerial View

The Almaden Swim and Racquet Club is located at 6604 Northridge Dr, San Jose, CA 95120. The Almaden Swim and Racquet Club is unique since it has a pool and six USTA championship tennis courts with a viewing deck and lights for nighttime play. This location is a great option for those who play tennis and love to swim. Besides a large pool with lanes, there is a spa, diving board, fitness center, and large grassy areas.

Almaden Cabana Events and Social Activities

The Almaden swim and racquet community has holiday events and BBQs, especially in the summer months.

Membership to Almaden Swim and Racquet Club

This private cabana club is shared by 300 members, not geographically specific and all members are part-owners. 

2.  Almaden Cabana Club

The Almaden Cabana Club is located on Bret Harte Drive south of Leland High School. This cabana is home to the Almaden Dolphins and is open from Spring through Summer. To participate in the Dolphins swim team, your family must have a membership. The cabana club has several areas that can be rented for parties and offers swim lessons.

Almaden Cabana Club FacilitiesAlmaden Cabana Club San Jose CA Aerial

The Almaden Cabana club is located at 6975 Bret Harte Drive, San Jose CA 95120. The club has three pools, a sand volleyball court, two picnic areas that can be reserved (additional fee), barbecue grills for your use, and much more. Of course, you also have the peace of mind of having trained lifeguards monitoring the action in the pool and on the grounds.

Almaden Cabana Events and Social Activities

The Almaden Cabana community has weekly Wednesday night dinners at a reasonable price with a varied menu so you can take a break from cooking. These social dinners help to build a strong community in the neighborhood.

Membership to Almaden Cabana Club

Membership consists of 427 proprietary member families (co-owners of the real estate) and approximately 120 non-proprietary/guest members. Proprietary memberships shall be limited and restricted to persons owning or residing in homes in the subdivision sometimes called "Almaden Park," or Shadow Brook II, Santa Clara County, California (Tract 4174 and subsequent units). Find Homes for Sale in Almaden Cabana, a section of the Graystone neighborhood.

For Non-proprietary/guest members, the wait list is about 2 years long and requires you to live in 95120 and provide a deposit to get in line. Read more about joining the Almaden Cabana club.

3.  Shadowbrook Swim Club

Shadowbrook is a very active private member pool located near Bret Harte Middle School at the corner of Almaden Expressway and Shadowbrook Drive. This community has several social events throughout the year. The Shadowbrook Sharks swim here. This community has an architectural committee to keep the neighborhood attractive.  

Shadowbrook Cabana Club Facilities Shadowbrook Swim Club Aerial View

Shadowbrook HOA and Swim Club is located at 1079 Shadowbrook Drive, San Jose, CA 95120. The Shadowbrook pool has plentiful grassy areas, a large pool with lanes, a kitchen and a BBQ area.

Shadowbrook Events and Social Activities

The Shadowbrook community offers Aquatic fitness classes, swim lessons, Wednesday night dinner socials in the summer and a holiday light contest in December. The community also has an Easter egg hunt, 4th of July celebration, Diwali open house, senior coffee, Labor Day potluck, and many fun social events. 

Membership to Shadowbrook Swim & Cabana Club

Shadowbrook membership is mandatory for 318 homes next to the pool as well as open for associate memberships. There is a waiting list for associate memberships for those who live in 95120 and you will stay on the waiting list until your name comes up. View all homes for sale in Shadowbrook here.

4. Crossgates Swim Club

Crossgate Swim Club was founded in 1966 and is located off McAbee between Camden and Redmond. The pool is the home of the Crossgates Gators. They also have adult swim times all year round which is a rare option in Almaden Valley cabana clubs.

Crossgates Cabana Club Facilities Crossgates Swim Club Almaden Valley aerial view

Crossgates Swim Club is located at 1297 Peralta Drive, San Jose CA 95120. The Crossgates pool has plenty of seating and even a kiddie pool. Bathrooms are available with outdoor showers to rinse off. Crossgates Cabana is unique since its pool property also has a basketball court, volleyball court, and plenty of grassy areas to play. There is no diving board at the main pool. Crossgates Swim Club is not available to rent for a private party, but you can schedule a pool party alongside member-allowed access to the pool. Parking is quite limited but there is street parking in the neighborhood and many owners walk. 

Crossgates Events and Social Activities

There are a few ongoing social activities in the Crossgates Cabana Club but not as many social events as other cabanas.

Membership to Crossgates Swim & Cabana Club

This homeowner association is mandatory for 157 homes and also has spots for associate memberships with applications starting in the fall for the next summer season. The homes included in the mandatory neighborhood membership are located on the streets of Mojave Drive, Pampas Drive, Peralta Drive, Crossgates Lane, and McAbee Road.  Currently, Crossgates homeowners can choose to forgo their complete pool access rights each year, leading to a reduced Association assessment fee. This decision to pass on pool access must be made by owners by March 1st of each year.  Find Homes for Sale in the Crossgates Cabana Club, a section of the Crossgates Almaden neighborhood.

The Crossgates Board of Directors annually decides the availability of Associate Memberships for the year. This number varies based on the homeowners who give up their full pool use rights and other policy factors. Detailed procedures and policies related to the Associate Membership are outlined on the Crossgates Cabana website. The waiting list for Associate Members is reset and starts anew each year on November 1st. Eligibility is restricted to residents of the 95120 area. View all homes for sale in this community and nearby.

5. Oaktree Park Cabana

The Oaktree Park Cabana is a resident-only club in the Northern section of Almaden Valley. This cabana is home to the Oaktree Sharks and though this cabana club does not currently offer associate memberships. The swim team does welcome swim team guest memberships. The pool is open Memorial Day weekend through September each year.

This community has some architectural rules included in its CC&Rs such as limiting what vehicles can be parked on each property (no trailers or campers) and restricting pets other than common household pets (no fowl).

Oaktree Park Cabana Club Facilities Oaktree Park Cabana Club Almaden Valley aerial

The Oaktree Park Cabana Club is located at 6101 Castello Drive, San Jose CA 95120 between Redmond Ave and Jeffrey Fontana park and is an exclusive resident only community pool. This community pool facility includes a large main pool with swimming lanes, a kiddie pool, a bocce court, some lawn area and a covered BBQ area. There is a small parking lot and street parking. 

Oaktree Park Events and Social Activities

There are a few ongoing social activities in the Oaktree Park Cabana Club Community including a season opener BBQ, 4th of July block party, and Christmas luncheon.

Membership to Oaktree Park Cabana Club

The Oaktree Park Cabana club is exclusive to residents in this area part of Tract No. 5052 and does not currently offer associate memberships. Find Homes for Sale in the Oaktree Park Cabana, a section of the Jeffrey Fontana neighborhood

The swim team does welcome swim team guests memberships. Swim team guest memberships allow access only for swim team practice and swim team events.

6. Montevideo Improvement Association

The Montevideo Cabana Club or MIA is a resident-only club in the Northwest corner of Almaden Valley of San Jose CA 95120. This community of 400 homes and a private pool was built in 1968 by Shulte-Blackwell. You can see the original builder’s brochure from 1968 to understand the floorplans in this community and find current homes for sale in the Montevideo neighborhood. This community operates the Piranha swim team.

Montevideo Cabana Club Facilities Montevideo Cabana Club Aerial View

The Montevideo Cabana Club is located at 1585 Monteval Ln, San Jose, CA 95120, in the Northwest corner of Almaden Valley near the intersection of Camden Ave and Coleman Road. This community pool facility includes a large main pool with diving board, a kiddie pool, clubhouse, a covered BBQ area and a lawn area. Around the lawn area are several sports courts including basketball and one of the courts has lines for Pickleball, Badminton, and Volleyball. Also in the summer a croquet set and ping pong table are available for play. 

MIA Events and Social Activities

There are a few ongoing social activities in the Montevideo Community including First Friday Happy Hours and an annual Diwali Cultural Festival. The clubhouse can also be rented for private events or parties by members of the community. The largest social event in the Montevideo neighborhood is mid-summer on the 4th of July. The American Independence Day is celebrated in style in this community with a July 4th parade, fun run race and BBQ.

Membership to Montevideo Improvement Association

Montevideo Cabana Club operates with a member-based system requiring 400 homes in the development to be members to the community pool. Find Homes for Sale in the Montevideo neighborhood.  

At this time, Montevideo does not offer associate memberships although non-residents under the age of 18 can join the swim team.   

Learn More About Almaden Valley Cabana Clubs

Read a student swimmer’s perspective of the summer swim teams.

Search for homes available in Almaden Valley.

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