America's Best Real Estate Professionals

America's Best Real Estate Professionals

Wall Street Journal and Tom Ferry's best agents in America just announced their annual rankings. Now, this is a ranking of 1.4 million realtors across the entire country representing the top 1%.

I am so excited to announce that I made the list and was 1,188 on the list by volume and production. So, I'm so grateful to my team who supported me to get there. My escrow team, my transaction coordinator, my inspectors, and all of the people that work together with me to make properties beautiful while I'm listing them, as well as helped me negotiate and make buyer transaction smooth.

America’s Best Real Estate Professionals #2

Are you curious what makes me unique besides this award? I'm very detailed, analytical with my engineering background and corporate experience. I love to look and educated my clients based on data and trends and educate my clients based on that. My analytical background makes me very process-oriented and find it very valuable to guide my clients step-by-step through every transaction.

America's Best Real Estate Professionals

My clients tell me that I'm patient, that I listened to their needs, that I'm encouraging, very professional and calm. Everyone who's worked with me and provided some great feedback, including all the reviews through Zillow, definitely help bring more business.

The people that I work with feel more comfortable with those words of encouragement and success. And this award is just another great thing to validate my success. I am genuinely grateful and thankful for all those who supported me to get here today.

As I look to the future, I promise to deliver exceptional service, a great experience and tough negotiation skills to help you with your home buying and selling. If I can help you or your referral, I look forward to connecting with you soon. Thank you so much again for your continued support!

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