Buying a Home in San Jose: 5 Signs You’re Ready

Navigating the San Jose real estate journey involves both opportunities and challenges. Before embarking on this significant decision, ensure you're fully prepared for homeownership. Discover the clear signs that indicate you're ready to buy and why it may be a superior option to renting.

We’ve helped 200+ families get into their dream homes and have helped families sell their homes, as well. We’ve learned a lot in the process and are now sharing 5 signs you’re ready to buy a house.

Buying in San Jose Might Be the Right Choice

First, why should you consider buying over renting? 

Everyone is different, and renting may indeed be the better option for you. However, buying a home offers some pretty clear advantages– you get stability, a locked-in mortgage payment, potential tax benefits, and control over the property. 

Plus, when you rent a home, you’re paying for someone else’s asset. You don’t have long-term security as the property owner can increase the rent or sell the property. When you buy a house, it is yours. That means you don’t have to worry about an owner increasing the rent or selling the property. 

Not only that, but buying a home can also be a sound investment because you gain equity in an appreciating asset over time. This gives you financial freedom down the road. The value of a home will most likely increase by 2-3% every year on average depending on market conditions. In San Jose, appreciation is even stronger with the long-term average being 5-7% per year. 

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5 Clear Signs You're Ready to Buy a House

Now that you understand why buying a house is a good option, let’s dive into 5 signs that show you’re ready to make a purchase. 

1. You’ve got enough saved for the purchase 

The average house price in San Jose is high and you’ll need substantial savings for the purchase. But how much will you need? And what do you need to save for?

  • Down payment - You can expect a down payment of about 20% of the total purchase price, though there are some special first-time buyers’ programs that allow for smaller down payments. This amount will vary depending on your credit score and financial situation; however, having this amount ready upfront can provide more financial options for you when it comes time to negotiate with sellers or lenders. 
  • Closing costs - In addition to this cost factor is closing costs which typically run anywhere from $10,000 - 15,000 depending on who is involved in the transaction. We have more information about closing costs here.
  • Property taxes - There are property taxes that can range from 1-2% annually depending on where exactly your property is located within San Jose city limits. The best estimate is 1.25% of the sale price.
  • Home maintenance and repairs - When your dishwasher breaks, it’s on the homeowner to fix or replace it. These repairs can add up, so be sure to budget for these before diving into the purchase. 

2. You have a stable income

Having a stable income influences your ability to get approved for a loan, as lenders want to see that you have a reliable source of funds to make your mortgage payments.

A stable income matters over time, as well. Owning a house comes with ongoing expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. A stable income provides the financial stability necessary to meet these obligations over the long term and ensures that you can sustain your lifestyle without jeopardizing your housing investment.

3. You’re ready to commit to your location

When buying a house, you want to be ready to commit to your location, ideally for 5-7 years (we like seven). 

This is based on data that says seven years is long enough to weather the ups and downs of the greater market and still come out on top. For example, if you bought at the peak of the market in 2007 right before it crashed in 2008, your home would still have appreciated in value if you stayed for seven years. In the past 20+ years in the Bay Area, homes have appreciated for every seven-year span. 

If you think you might want to move to a different location in a couple of years, then buying might not make a whole lot of sense.

4. You’re craving more stability

Owning your own home offers stability and security that doesn’t come with renting. The house you own is yours, and there’s peace of mind knowing that you can stay as long as you like and no one can force you to move.

You can also customize your own house and make it feel like “home.” You’ll have the ability to choose the paint color, update parts of the house, customize the space to your needs, or undertake a renovation project if you desire.

5. You “feel” ready

The Path to Homeownership

Buying a house is a huge financial decision, usually the biggest one you’ll make. We don’t recommend buying a house “just because.” At the same time, you may reach a point in life where you feel ready to make the investment. You’re likely well-situated in your career, have the finances to back the purchase, and know you want to stay in a location.

There are many factors that can contribute to “feeling ready.” Having the gut feeling that owning a home is right for you, despite the sacrifices and costs, is an important component of the transaction for many buyers. 

Think you’re ready to buy a house in San Jose? Read our guide to buying a house in San Jose and schedule your buyer consultation today so we can talk more about your home-buying goals.

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