Living in San Jose: Curb Appeal Tips for Your Property

Curb Appeal Tips for your Property

Making your property attractive on the outside is the first step to getting buyers in to view the house. How does your property look from across the street? How does your property look from the driveway?  Do you feel welcomed to the front door?

Maximizing your curb appeal is key to increasing your property's sale price and buyer viewings. Not sure what steps are required to accomplish this?

  1. First drive around your neighborhood.  Which house is the most attractive to you? Look at this property closely.  What is different at this property  compared to other houses nearby?  Can you pin-point why it looks more welcoming?  Take notes.
  2. Take a look at your property from across the street.  What sticks out to you?  Can you see the front door?  Is the front cheery and welcoming?  If not, what can you change?

There are several key items that increase a property's curb appeal and I have saved you the time by creating a list of 10 tips. Download this 10 Curb Appeal Tips list to get started maximizing your property's first impression!

Or setup a time with Theresa to come help with your custom home prep list.

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