How to Sell a Home in Almaden Valley, San Jose: Tips and Advice

If you live in Almaden Valley in San Jose, you know that it’s a great place to live. At the base of the beautiful oak tree covered foothills is a wonderful neighborhood full of families, open space, and mountain views.

Like any neighborhood, Almaden Valley is unique. If you’re selling a house in Almaden Valley, you’ll want to understand the nuanced differences between this neighborhood and others in San Jose. This understanding will help you sell your home for the best price possible while minimizing stress.

I’ve sold 60+ homes (and counting) in Almaden Valley and live here myself. Here are my top tips for selling a house in Almaden Valley.

Tips for Selling a Home in Almaden Valley (95120)

Share the benefits of living in Almaden Valley

If you’re selling a home in Almaden Valley, then you know it’s a great place to live. Some buyers, however, might not be familiar with the benefits. Make sure to highlight the following when you sell your house.

  • Access to nature - Nature and open space is much more accessible in Alamaden Valley than in other neighborhoods of San Jose. Some of the most beautiful are Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and Calero County Park. There are golf courses, hiking and walking trails, and hilly areas that are even friendly to horses.
  • Safe with low crime - Almaden Valley is a safe neighborhood in San Jose with low crime rates, making it a perfect place for raising a family. 
  • Family-friendly - Almaden is one of the best places to raise a family in San Jose. With great schools, safe neighborhoods, larger homes, and a community “feeling,” residents are extremely happy that they chose Almaden for their families.
  • Larger homes - Many of the homes in Almaden Valley have more square footage than in other parts of San Jose. If your house is fairly large (1800 square feet+), be sure to highlight it!
  • Lots to do - Almaden Valley boasts restaurants, cafes, and favorite grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. From hikes, to bike rides, to neighborhood events such as block parties and BBQs. Almaden is also home to various swimming options and a thriving cabana club culture.
  • Close proximity to work - Silicon Valley tech companies, major hospitals and medical offices, and other industry is located close to Almaden Valley. 
  • Slightly more affordable than other areas - When compared with similar areas such as Los Gatos and Saratoga, Almaden has the edge when it comes to price. You can find a more reasonably priced home for the size in Almaden than you can in other areas of San Jose.

For all these reasons, Almaden Valley receives an “A” grade on, and was labeled the “#1 best neighborhood to raie a family in San Jose.”

If you’re wondering what buyers want to know, watch our Almaden Living Guide video:

How to Sell a Home in Almaden Valley, San Jose: Tips and Advice

Focus on foundation and drainage

The homes in Almaden Valley often have issues with drainage that affects the foundation. This is because many homes aren’t adequately draining water away from the foundation.

Before selling the house, you’ll want to learn if there is any moisture intrusion in your crawl spaces. You can do this yourself, but you may be better off hiring a home inspector to assess this for you. 

In our experience, 80% of houses in Almaden Valley have issues with moisture intrusion. These issues should be addressed before you sell as they can lead to expensive fixes with the foundation and flooring.

If you do find issues and can’t get work done to fix them, make sure to have a bid for what it will cost to do the work. Sometimes buyers think the work will cost 3x the amount that it will actually cost. Having a quote in hand makes these repairs less intimidating, which will increase confidence as they seek to buy.

Educate buyers on high voltage power lines

The north section of Almaden Valley is home to a number of high voltage power lines that deter some buyers. These power lines generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which raises concern for some, though they are extremely low frequency and research is mixed on whether they have any impact. If you are selling a house in Almaden, you’ll want to provide the EMF scores upfront so that buyers are aware.

There are different levels of EMF ratings, depending on how far you are from the powerlines. Typically about 4 to 5 houses away from the powerlines, you won’t notice any additional EMF signal. If you’re concerned about the scores at your house, buy an EMF meter (or look for someone who has one to rent), and take readings yourself. You can also talk to your listing agent about whether or not EMF ratings will be a concern for your property.

Highlight special programs and other benefits at lower scoring schools

In general, schools in 95120 are highly rated. In fact, it’s one of the reasons families choose to move to Almaden. Some schools, of course, are not as highly rated as others. When the schools have slightly lower scores, you can educate buyers on special programs that they do have.

Sometimes schools with lower scores have amazingly involved parent communities or other programs that make the school a great place to go, even if its score isn’t as high as some others.

For more information about local schools, check out our Almaden Valley Schools Summary.

Understand high tech commute times

Almaden is within close driving distance from big tech companies in downtown San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale, but it isn’t next door to many employers. Some are happy to drive a little farther for the quality of living that Almaden Valley offers, while others may be nervous about a long commute.

When you’re selling your house, make sure you understand how long it takes to get to various tech companies, especially as employees at these companies make up a substantial portion of buyers. Also, try to gain an understanding of where the nearest tech “bus stops” are, as many will be interested in using those options for their commutes.

Sell Your House in Almaden Valley, San Jose 

Almaden Valley is an extremely attractive place to live and homes are in high demand in the neighborhood. To reduce stress in your home selling process and maximize your return, gain an understanding of the nuances of the neighborhood. If you have any questions, talk to your listing agent.

Ready to sell your home? Read our Insider Tips for Selling a Home in San Jose. We share our tried-and-true advice on how to make the most money, reduce stress, and minimize inconvenience. If you’re considering selling your home in Almaden Valley, set up a seller consultation where we’ll discuss your unique property.


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