How to Sell a San Jose Home in the Summer

Selling Your San Jose Home in the Summer

Selling Your San Jose Home in the Summer: Tips, Pros, and Cons

Selling a house can be a big task and the timing is key to getting the best results. In San Jose, summer is often seen as an optimal period to list a property. The sunshine, longer daylight hours and increased interest from buyers create an active market for home sales. However, each season has its own challenges and factors to consider. This article will delve into why summer is a prime time to sell your San Jose home, touch on potential downsides and offer advice on effectively promoting and pricing your property.

Why Summer is a Good Time to Sell

Increased Buyer Activity: Summer is usually a bustling time for the housing market. Many families opt to relocate in the summer to minimize disruptions to their children's school routines. Moreover, the sunny weather motivates potential buyers to visit open houses and property showings, providing a great opportunity to highlight the best aspects of your home.

Longer Days: Extended daylight hours mean more time for potential buyers to visit your home after work or on weekends. This can increase the number of viewings and potentially speed up the selling process.

Curb Appeal: Summer in San Jose brings lovely weather that can boost the attractiveness of your home. The gardens are bursting with blooms, the lawns are lush green and the outdoor areas have a welcoming appearance. Keeping up with exterior maintenance can greatly influence how potential buyers perceive your property at first glance.

Higher Selling Prices: Historically, home prices tend to peak during the summer months. The combination of high demand and limited inventory can drive up prices, benefiting sellers who want to maximize their returns.

Potential Drawbacks of Selling in the Summer

In the summer months, when many homeowners decide to put their properties on the market, there tends to be a surge in competition. With an abundance of listings, it becomes crucial for your home to distinguish itself in order to catch the attention of potential buyers.

The influx of listings can also lead to buyer fatigue, as the sheer volume of options may overwhelm prospective buyers, making it challenging for any individual property to make a lasting impression.

Moreover, since summer coincides with vacation season, some potential buyers may be away on vacation. This could potentially result in fewer property viewings and delayed responses from interested parties.

How to Sell your home in the summer

How to Market Your San Jose Home in the Summer

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal; Make the most of the current season by sprucing up your home's exterior. Keep the lawn neatly mowed, trim those hedges, plant some vibrant flowers and freshen up garden beds with new mulch. Consider giving your driveway and sidewalks a thorough power wash to achieve a clean and polished appearance.

Prepare Your Home for Summer; Showcase the summer friendly aspects of your home, such as patios, decks and pools. Create inviting outdoor spaces with cozy seating options, shaded areas and outdoor dining setups. Inside the house, maintain a cool and bright ambiance by using light colors and ensuring clean windows to welcome ample natural light.

Invest in Professional Photography; As a San Jose Realtor,  I always have great photos taken of my listings. High quality photographs are crucial for online property listings. Ensure that your photos highlight the best features of your home, including its outdoor areas. Consider arranging a twilight photoshoot to capture the stunning beauty of your property during the magical golden hour.

Offer Virtual Tours; Alongside professional photos, consider providing virtual tours to potential buyers. This can attract individuals from out of town or those who prefer viewing properties remotely. A well crafted virtual tour can make your home stand out among other online listings.

Host Engaging Open Houses; Utilize the pleasant weather to organize open houses at your property. Ensure that your home is comfortably cool, offer refreshments to guests and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors. What makes your home stand out and what advantages come with living in San Jose?

Pricing Your Home in the Summer

To determine the value of your home accurately, let me conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This analysis compares your property to similar homes recently sold in your neighborhood, providing a realistic price range based on current market conditions.

I reached out to  Brad Erickson of Midway Real Estate for his advice on real estate trends:

"Take note of the local real estate trends to gauge whether home prices are increasing, stable or decreasing. Understanding these trends will enable you to set a competitive price for your home.If your property boasts unique features like a modernized kitchen, energy efficient appliances or a well tended garden, make sure to factor these into your pricing strategy. Emphasizing these attributes can justify a higher asking price."

While it's crucial to establish an attractive price point, it's also important to remain open to negotiation. While summer buyers may be willing to pay more for the perfect home, being flexible with pricing can help generate more interest and potentially speed up the selling process.

Once your property is listed, keep an eye on how potential buyers respond. If you're not receiving the anticipated level of interest, be prepared to reassess and tweak your pricing strategy. A minor price adjustment could spark renewed interest and result in a successful sale.


Selling your house in San Jose during the summer can be quite fulfilling, offering the chance for better prices and a speedier sale. However, it does present its own share of obstacles, such as facing more competition and dealing with tired buyers. By improving your home's exterior appeal, staging it thoughtfully and setting a smart price, you can make your property shine in a crowded market. If you're thinking about putting your home on the market this summer, feel free to reach out to me for expert guidance and personalized support. Together, we can navigate the summer real estate scene and aim for the best possible outcome when selling your home.

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