Top Renovation Projects to Upgrade your Home on a Small Budget

Keeping your home well-maintained can be financially difficult at times, particularly during a challenging economy. We have compiled a list of ways to keep your house looking good without breaking the bank, especially if you are planning to sell your house shortly. A way to make your current home feel like new as you wait to move to a new one is to find ways to upgrade it. When the time for you is right, these upgrades might even help you sell your home for more money.

Continue to read to find the top renovation projects to upgrade your home on a small budget.

Top Renovation Projects to Upgrade your Home

1. Repaint Your Home

If you are looking to save money on a house remodel but still want your house to look new, one of the cheapest, easiest things you can do as a homeowner is to paint. Painting the interior of your home can help to eliminate dirt, marks, or stains from your walls, giving it a fresh feel and appearance. Additionally, you can repaint your exterior to help improve the value of your home.

2. Update Cabinets in the House

New cabinets can end up costing you a couple thousand dollars, and not only will you end up paying for the demolition, but you will pay for the cabinets and the installation costs. If you dismantle your current cabinets carefully, you can make up for the money by selling them on an online marketplace or a garage sale.

If new cabinets aren't within your budget, another idea could be to tweak your existing cabinets instead of replacing them entirely. Something as simple as switching the cabinet hardware can modernize the whole kitchen, and if they need more of an overhaul, you might want to paint your kitchen cabinets a new shade for a fraction of the price of new ones.

Top Renovation Projects to Upgrade your Home

3. Replace Bath Hardware

If your bathroom is outdated, it will typically require a gut renovation, but that will involve a lot of time and money. One small way to add value without a full-on makeover is to change the existing hardware on the cabinets and the sink fixtures to polish up the room. Changing something as simple as the color of the hardware can give the room a whole new vibe. Replacing the shower faucet will instantly lend the bathroom a spa-like feel.

4. Upgrade Lighting

Another budget home improvement idea you might not have considered before is the enhancement of the lighting in your house. Something as simple as swapping the old light bulbs for LED lights will impact your home's energy efficiency and illumination. The fixtures might be the culprit dating your home, and luckily, they can be a relatively easy replacement. Don't forget to improve your exterior lighting as well, from chipped lampposts in the yard to porch or patio fixtures that have become degraded by the elements.

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5. Create Custom Storage Areas

It can be a good idea to add storage in various areas of your home, such as areas that allow you to put away seasonal items, like holiday decorations and blankets. Consider turning areas under the stairs into storage areas. Hide the excess Tupperware that keeps falling out of your cabinets every time you open them. You can also build seating that offers storage components. Seating works well if you have a bay window in your home.

6. Revitalize Flooring and Trim

Brand new flooring is one of the more expensive upgrades, especially if you have a large area to cover. If you do have options to refresh the floors you already have. For example, if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, invest in shampooing it, which can cost a few hundred dollars. Instead of installing new wood or tile floors, consider refinishing hardwood or reglazed tile, which can cost a fraction of the cost of a new installation. If you are bored with your existing rooms, there is nothing like wood crown molding and some new trim to add some character. For the best results, ensure you paint the crown molding and some new trim to add some character.

7. Improve Landscaping

Upgrading your landscape is one of the updates that will bring the best ROI. Making simple improvements, like installing landscape lighting, pressure washing the walkways, planting flowers, adding fresh mulch, and building a firepit can do wonders to boost your yard's appearance. In the spring, start planting flowers in prominent areas, like near the front door or the walkway to make your house stand apart from the others in the neighborhood.

8. Add Privacy and Shaded Areas

Sunlight constantly streaming through the windows can be an annoying distraction. Not to mention, the neighbors who have more evening hours to look into your brightly lit living room. You can always install shades to foil prying eyes, but swinging wood shutters are more beautiful. They keep out winter's chilly winds or summer's oppressive heat, and they are easy to install on any window because they attach to a thin frame that either sits inside the window opening or around the outside of the casing.

9. Install Water Filter

Millions of households have switched to bottled drinking water because of concerns over the purity or taste of their tap water. However, installing an under-sink water filtration system is an easier, less expensive way to obtain clean drinking water.

10. Addition of Ceiling Fans for Summer and Winter Savings

The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as more and more homeowners discover dramatic, year-round energy savings. In the hot summer months, ceiling fans create cooling breezes, which reduces the strain on air conditioners. In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm. Installing a ceiling fan is simple, especially if the space above it is accessible from an attic. Even when it isn't, the job is still quite doable.

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