Living in Almaden Valley: What to Expect

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What is it like living in Almaden Valley?

Residents move to Almaden, a suburb of San Jose, because they notice it’s different than other parts of San Jose.  So what is it like living in Almaden Valley

Where is Almaden San Jose?

Almaden Valley is the southern section of San Jose, not its own city but its own zip code (95120) and a popular neighborhood in San Jose. Almaden is one of the Safest neighborhoods in San Jose and feels like a remote place but it’s still convenient to Silicon Valley companies and shopping. 

What is it like living in Almaden Valley? 

Almaden is set back among the oak tree covered foothills with lots of open space and (currently snow covered!) mountain views.  With protected open space, parks, larger yards, golf courses, there is green space throughout the community. 

Watch the video below to learn about what it’s like to live in Almaden Valley and to hear a little about Almaden Valley weather,  why Almaden Valley neighborhoods feel different and thoughts on why Almaden Valley is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Jose.  

Living in Almaden Valley: What to Expect 

Almaden Valley Weather

The Almaden Valley weather is MOSTLY SUNNY and slightly warmer than other areas of San Jose or south Bay which is great for the relaxed outdoor living atmosphere conducive to a casual, active lifestyle.  You will commonly see people in active wear and out biking, hiking and walking the neighborhood with their dogs and families.  The Almaden Valley Cabana clubs are a highlight in the area!

Almaden Valley is an engaged community!

Neighbors socialize with neighborhood block parties and events, BBQs. Local restaurants and coffee shops are gathering places.   Each school has a very involved community support system, supporting the students and teachers and developing community around the school with great fundraising events.  Kids walk or bike to local schools on their own since this is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Jose.  

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