Why Choose Theresa Wellman – Realtor, Homeowner Experience for Your San Jose Housing Needs

Why Choose Theresa Wellman – Realtor, Homeowner Experience for Your San Jose Housing Needs


What makes me different? I have been a San Jose realtor since 2004. My husband and I both have Mechanical Engineering degrees from Santa Clara University, but we have used our education in different ways. I worked at Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies for a few years out of college and, left high-tech to pursue real estate in 2004. My husband works for Apple Inc, so I know the intense demands of a Silicon Valley tech job today.


I've developed a lot of skills during my college years and in the corporate world that I bring to my real estate business. In 2020, I closed twenty-three transactions. In 2021, I am on track for thirty. I am very experienced in the San Jose housing market and how things are changing from day to day. Thus, that is a huge advantage, whether you are buying or selling.


I am a California native that has lived in the South Bay for many years since 1995. I have lived all over from Santa Clara, Campbell, West San Jose to Santa Teresa. Now I currently reside in Almaden Valley with my family.

I am a wife and a mother of two school-age children. I love to camp with my family, explore, garden, and is an outdoors person. I really appreciate and love the South Bay for all the trails and access to the ocean, mountains, and everything that we have here. That makes me a true California native and lover.


It is important for you to check the about Theresa page if you want to learn a little bit more about me, some of my histories, some of my accolades and awards. I am constantly improving my process to guide and educate my clients using my engineering background and my project management skills in the corporate world.


I want you to meet my team. My team is critical in who I am as a San Jose real estate agent and how I operate my business. Meet my assistant, Maya. She is a fully licensed realtor who does a lot of the work for me behind the scenes. She is on the computer, preparing documents for you to sign, making sure that all the documents are complete. She also helps with marketing, to get the word out for sellers, with all the details of preparing the home, scheduling inspections, and many more.

I have detailed lists and systems that Maya and I work on with, to make sure we are not missing any details and keeping you informed throughout the process, as well as when you get into contract. I am going to give you a step-by-step list of what to expect over those days of escrow so that you can be prepared and fix any last-minute worries.

When you are interfacing in person, you will be working with me, I will be negotiating your contracts. As well as showing your property and doing different kinds of videos to support your home search or home sale.

If you are on the selling side, Lisa is my escrow officer who I have worked with for over fifteen years. She works out difficult solutions, as well also hustling when buyers get to last minute and they need us to run to get it done. She helps sellers with their research and figuring things out. Finally, she also operates the same as me with step-by-step guidance.

Dora is on my staging team if you are listing or looking to buy. My lender relationships are critical, they all are qualified and deserve their positions. I highly recommend you check out my San Jose Recommended Lenders list.

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  1. Home Buyer’s Guide: http://bit.ly/SJHomeBuyGuide
  2. Home Seller’s Guide: http://bit.ly/SJSellerGuide



One of the key things to know are home tours. I do a lot of videos. If you are a buyer and you do not have time to see your target property right away, I can help you narrow down your focus quickly.

I also have a lot of general videos on my YouTube channel for you to get a feel for what neighborhood might be the right match. If you have not subscribed, click HERE!

I do 360 property tours for buyers to see and to market all the features of your property. Many agents are not comfortable on capturing videos and I am going to use that to my advantage (also to your advantage to guarantee that we are maximizing full exposure of your property).



Market stats is another thing that is included in my step-by-step guidance and understanding the market, comes from my unique history. If you go to my website under market stats, there are several different areas there that have been broken down. I collect charts every month and update them quarterly. They get updated on my website, but you can also check out my monthly market update video on YouTube. Whether you are on the buying side or the selling side, knowing truly what is going on in the market is so valuable.

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