Williams Elementary School | Almaden Valley Schools and Neighborhoods

Williams Elementary School | Almaden Valley Schools and Neighborhoods

Almaden Valley is a Southern section of San Jose known for top-rated schools, wonderful neighborhood, and unique lifestyle.

In a series of 5 blogs with related videos, I will review each of the 5 elementary schools which service the families living in 95120 San Jose, CA.

We have previously published blogs where we explored Guadalupe Elementary SchoolLos Alamitos Elementary SchoolSimonds Elementary Schooland Graystone Elementary School. Please check them out if you haven’t. This time, we’re exploring Williams Elementary School. In this blog, we will discuss the schools and scoresneighborhoods that feed to this school, local parks, and the lifestyle of this area.


Williams Elementary School is rated a 9/10 by greatschools.org. Students from this school feed into Bret Harte Middle School (rated a 7/10) and Leland High School (rated an 8/10). These are the top school picks for the area, so let’s talk about the neighborhoods that feed into Williams Elementary.


Williams Elementary School is located behind the country club area in a flat area at the base of the hills. The neighborhoods that feed into Williams Elementary school are located on the West side of Almaden Expressway but further south against the foothills. The neighborhoods include Glenview/Serenity, Silvercrest, Glencrest, Country View Estates, the backside of the Country Club area, and Almaden Springs.

These neighborhoods have several varying home styles built from the mid-1960s through the early 2000s in the country view estates area.

  • Glenview Serenity & Silvercrest are conveniently located off Almaden Expressway and the closest Williams neighborhood to Bret Harte and Leland. This older neighborhood has homes from 1800sqft up to over 3000 sqft. The home styles are typical of most of Almaden valley.
  • Glencrest was built around Williams Elementary in the 1980s and had larger-sized homes due to the year built. Glencrest is very convenient to the local park and elementary school.
  • Country View Estates are much larger and newer, and many homes have views and large lots. You can find homes in this area over 4000 sqft. This is a very high-end area with more custom homes nestled against the foothills.
  • The backside of the Country Club neighborhood house beautiful custom homes, flatter land, and many with views of the golf course and Mount Umunhum.
  • Lastly is Almaden Springs, one of the newest areas yet the furthest back into Almaden, making homes here slightly more affordable in $/SF.
  • This area was built up in the later part of the 1980s and after with large spacious homes on 10k+ lots. 

Williams Elementary School | Almaden Valley Schools and Neighborhoods


You’ll love the park in the Williams area, which is Glenview Park. Enjoy the playground, winding pathways, and open grassy fields.

The other local parks in the area are Cathedral Park, a natural hillside with some trails and lovely trees. Also accessible from this area is the Mockingbird Hill trailhead into Quicksilver County Park.


The LIFESTYLE around Williams Elementary area is centered around Williams elementary school, which is a natural gathering spot for this foothill area. It is common to see families or friends walking the streets and parks throughout the daytime on all days of the week.

Living in the Williams Elementary area feels nestled around the foothills and part of a well-kept and affluent community.

I hope you found this information valuable and informative. Take a look at the properties available in Almaden Valley and review the Almaden market stats. Depending on your home budget, we can help find the right area for you. Please let us know how we can support you in your Almaden Valley Schools home search. Contact us to set up a personal buyer consultation.



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