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  6. Just starting your home search? I am excited to announce, I have just upgraded my website and home search experience so we can assist you better! Search properties on this site. When on the property search page, click on any home for sale.  The first thing its going to do is prompt you to create a FREE account. If you create an account, you will have access to every home in the market place to review PLUS you and I can have a conversation/interact on details of your search. I will even help you narrow down the search to a very focused custom list of properties for you based 100% on: your desired area, price point & key preferences. You won't get this interactive expertise at your fingertips on general home search sites.

  7. Schedule an initial buyer’s consultation on my calendar when you get serious about finding the next home, even if its 3-6 mos away. People often ask me tips and tricks for navigating the home buying process and this buyer consultation meeting is focused on planning and educating you with insider tips! We enjoy putting the best plan together with you to create the best outcome. Learn more. 

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