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If you are looking to downsize your San Jose area home as part of your retirement plan, then you will be interested to know about the CA propositions that allow you to transfer your Prop 13 property tax base to your new home.

There are limited counties that accept an out-of-county transfer.
Santa Clara county is a participating county, so you can stay within the county (Prop 60) or transfer to a few others (Prop 90).

There are also a few other potentially relevant CA propositions related to your move, so
to understand all options please read more information on the Santa Clara County Tax Assessor’s website.

  • The additional items addressed on the Assessor’s website are:
  • Prop 110 (severely and permanently disabled owner),
  • Prop 58 (Parent-child transfer),
  • Prop 193 (grandparent to grandchild transfer), and
  • additional tax codes for disabled or disabled veterans.

As always, please reach out to us to discuss this information further.