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Real Estate Agent San Jose CA: Theresa Wellman and the Home Owner Experience team focuses on the southwestern areas of San Jose as well as the bordering city of Campbell, CA . Theresa’s expertise as a realtor in San Jose, CA includes Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley, Cambrian, and Willow Glen neighborhoods. In each of these areas Theresa has represented sellers and buyers. To see the properties Theresa has sold, please visit the Featured Listings page.

Theresa Wellman – Experienced Real Estate Agent San Jose CA

Real Estate Agent San Jose CA -Theresa Wellman

As a San Jose realtor, Theresa’s local expertise has been built by 14+ years of real estate experience as well as her free-time exploring, volunteering and participating in activities with family and her children in and around San Jose and Campbell CA. Theresa moved to the South Bay area in 1995 and has been a homeowner in San Jose CA since 2001. Theresa’s first personal property was in West San Jose bordering Campbell CA in a smaller Cambrian-type home built in the early 1960s. In the 7 years Theresa and her husband Ryan owned this home, they enjoyed many Campbell CA and San Jose amenities such as local farmers markets, park and trails, and camping excursions especially ones with dog-friendly and eventually kid-friendly options! We also experienced the full breath of homeownership doing repairs under the house ourselves, a kitchen upgrade and redesigning our landscaping front and back. These experiences have given Theresa a wide variety of knowledge to bring to her real estate business.

After a few years in the local real estate business, Theresa and her husband Ryan sold their first home in 2008 and rented for a few months in Campbell CA while looking for their next property. In 2009, Theresa and Ryan purchased a larger home in Almaden Valley of San Jose CA where they still reside. Owning multiple San Jose area homes and moving several times has given Theresa a wide variety of knowledge to bring to her real estate business. Learn more about Theresa on her biography page.

How to Choose a San Jose real estate agent

Choosing a realtor in San Jose CA is an important decision. Home values in San Jose are a significant portion of your family’s assets and you want to be confident in the agent you choose. A local San Jose realtor who lives in the community like Theresa does, can provide insider knowledge of the local market at the time you are looking to move. Not only will you benefit from the market knowledge that an active agent can share, but Theresa’s analytical background can provide deeper insight into the market direction for you. As a 24+ year resident of San Jose CA, Theresa’s knowledge of the types of homes available in each area and micro neighborhoods will add great value to your home search. Intimate knowledge of a neighborhood allows your agent to educate you on certain features that stand out in a given property when compared to other local homes. Theresa Wellman has this local San Jose agent expertise.

Why Hire the Homeowner Experience team to REPRESENT YOUR PROPERTY in San Jose?

Theresa lives in San Jose CA where she and her family are active in the local community. She knows how to market not just your property, but the area and lifestyle that you enjoy in south San Jose. Read more of what Theresa offers in her Custom Marketing plan and see examples of the Homeowner Experience team property marketing under our Featured Listings page.

Why Work with the Homeowner Experience team to BUY A PROPERTY in San Jose?

Theresa lives in San Jose CA where her kids attend the local public schools. She and her family are very active and frequently enjoy the numerous outdoor amenities in the area. Theresa knows the area and lifestyle that you can enjoy in south San Jose areas. Want to know where the best local coffee shop is? Where can you get the best view of fireworks on the 4th of July? Or where are the school district lines and which streets go to the school you want? What about where you can get the best take out?

Real Estate Agent San Jose CA –Community involvement and Knowledge

Theresa is not only a local San Jose real estate agent, but she is also an active member of community with children currently being raised in the area. She loves her community and is happy to share her insider knowledge with you while you search for your San Jose home. Take a look at the properties available in San Jose and then contact us to setup a personal buyer consultation.

An overview of each neighborhood is on the San Jose Communities page. Also a snapshot of the local real estate market is available. Please contact Theresa for a personal consultation to learn more about which neighborhood is the best fit for you and how that area’s market is performing.