What's Your San Jose Area Property Worth?

Would you like to know your home's estimated value and then be able to follow the San Jose house price trend for your unique property each month? 

Most home owners are curious "What’s my home worth today?"

Get actual local market data and relevant research in your inbox. This monthly assest statement will keep you informed of your home's value over time. First, fill out and submit the form below. For next steps, see What to Expect at the bottom of this page.

Learn About the Value of your Home in Today's Market

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What You Will Get

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What you can Expect - Step by step:

  1. You provide basic home details above including your contact information.
  2. Then you will get a quick San Jose Housing Market area automated value.
  3. Next, within 48 hours, we'll analyze the local comparable sales, local trends and other local market data to provide you with comparable recent sale data in your neighborhood. We send this research to you via email. 
  4. Once a current researched value is determined, we set you up to follow your home value like a pro each month. You will get 2 emails reports to provide different perspective: FIRST, an automated value email which includes your total equity change each month, SECOND a neighborhood focused report of immediate sales like your home in your local area. Have any questions? Email us back or contact us.
  5. Then stay informed of the local San Jose Housing Market by watching our video updates or signing up for our newsletter.
  6. Pull all three resources together (Automated value + Equity Report, Local comparable home sales and our video market updates), and you are following your unique home value like a pro!

Thinking of Selling?

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