Selling a Home in San Jose and Ready to Learn More?

When you are considering selling your property, even if its 6 - 12 mos away, we recommend a home seller consultation. If you're ready to learn about these insider tips now, fill out the form below and we will send a link to schedule a time. 

Or if you are not quite ready for a property visit, but prefer some key information first, read through The Insider Tips to Sell in San Jose or consider attending the Seller Seminar which we host 1-2 times per month.

Home Selling Consultation Inquiry

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What is A Home Seller Consultation?

People often ask my advice on what they should update for the best Return on Investment when they sell their property. If you plan the home prep now, you will take off the stress of may things at once when you are ready to move. 

A home seller consultation meeting is focused on planning and educating you with insider tips to prep your home based on today's trends and buyers! To make your property most attractive to today’s buyer involves key steps that are constantly changing. We enjoy putting the best plan together with you to create the best outcome. Our clients say the meeting is extra helpful! 

What is A Home Seller Consultation? 

What Can you Expect in a Home Seller Consultation?

When we meet, these are things you can expect… things that my best clients say they really appreciated:

➡️How to prepare your Property including key areas to update for the best ROI

➡️How to calculate costs to sell a property (including taxes, fees and capital gains) and an estimated custom net sheet for you

➡️ How to determine market value of your property

➡️Typical timelines including a draft calendar plan customized for you

➡️Talk about the market today AND Share trusted home prep contractors

If these insider tips are what you are looking for, just fill out the form above and we will send over a link for you to pick a time on our calendar! Then you can schedule your seller consult appointment.

If you are not ready for this step quite yet, consider the Seller Seminars we offer.

Are you curious what your unique property is worth in today's market?