What is a Home Seller Seminar?

Often I am asked, should we update the bathroom?  Do we need to refinish the hardwood floors? What color do we paint the interior? Do we need to repaint our teenagers room? What could we do with the curb appeal? What do we do with our stuff? Do we need to move our kids out? Should we all move out?

What if you don’t want to do anything for prep? Can't we leave the house the way it is? 

Selling a home you've owned for 15, 20 or 30 years plus comes with a lot of questions. We are passionate about helping you reach your goals by leveraging our expertise selling over 200 San Jose homes. 

This is why we’ve created an informational event to share our best tips and tricks selling homes in the local San Jose area including key items you should know upfront about the costs, timeline, capital gains taxes and more.

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During the San Jose CA Home Seller Seminar we will present to a small group covering common topics and questions that home sellers often ask. During the each section of the presentation we will discuss your questions and discuss each others thoughts so that you walk away informed and feeling like you know how to navigate the seller process and costs.  

Why Are Home Seller Seminars Helpful to Homeowners?

In a recent survey of a 1000 homeowners, when asked:

When you are thinking of selling, what do you see as the biggest challenge…

  • 39% said Logistics of planning and executing a move.  
  • 36% said finding another home they like
  • Another 5 % said they are worried about being faced with a large tax bill

The topics covered in the San Jose Home Seller Seminar address these concerns and more!

Learn more, watch our video introducing the Seminar.

Free San Jose Home Seller Seminar video intro

What Topics are Covered in the Seller Seminar?

In this seller Seminar we cover:

  • What Does a Homeowner Need to Know About Today's Market
  • How to Prepare your Home for Sale
  • How to Understand your Property Value
  • How to Calculate Costs to Sell including transfer taxes, escrow fees, capital gains taxes and more
  • What are Typical Seller Timelines and some options for your transition (because 36% of those surveyed all said they felt one of the biggest challenges was finding another home they like.)

What Have Home Sellers Said About This Event?

The feedback from this event has been very positive and I know you will find some nuggets of value from the information. 

Here is what one homeowner who attended said: 

"A great discussion on the multiple factors that impact sales price, including good focus on the things you can control".

Another homeowner who attended said: "Thorough explanation of the fluctuations in the market and how to present your home. Excellent presentation."

Check out the upcoming times of our local San Jose seller seminar at the link and I hope to see you there!  Events are hosted about once a month on either Saturday morning 10am - 12pm or Tuesday evening 5-7pm.


Reserve your seat at an upcoming Seller Seminar